Digital Marketing: Jahia Advocates for an Ethical Web Experience Management to Help Address Web Privacy Issues

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND and WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA - Jahia, an open source vendor at the forefront of enterprise digital transformation, advocates for an open and standardized collection of web and mobile data.

With the expansion of digital marketing, web users and brands customers are subjected to an increasing amount of tracking that leads to the collection of their browsing and behavioral data.

As technologies evolve and digital expands, data privacy is more and more threatened.

However, there is no question about the value of Digital Marketing anymore considering all the benefits enterprise and brands can leverage.

Data exchanges and usage grow exponentially without the ability for end users / visitors / consumers to actually control it, lest to understand it. It is time for Digital Marketing tools to be more ethical and transparent. This message should also resonate well with brands.

To strengthen this wavering data privacy, open source vendor Jahia initiated a standardization process with the OASIS consortium early April.

Now, reflecting this standardization process, Jahia is aiming at launching an open source community project at the Apache Foundation, whose mission it is to provide software for the public good. One of the Apache Foundation many strengths in this respect is to provide a license that is both business-friendly and open to any development community. Thus this project would allow all software vendors, brands, organizations and communities to use an open, agreed upon and community-enriched engine to collect and share user context data.

This new initiative would ensure a reinforced data privacy as the code of the engine would be accessible by all - being an open source project. The open source approach is widely embraced by the industry and has been repeatedly used in the past in other sensitive areas. Apache OpenOffice, Firefox, Linux or Android, to name a few, are good examples of such successes.

Elie Auvray, Jahia CEO comments "I strongly believe in the open source community development model to ensure the best possible data privacy and create a transparent, thus ethical Web Experience Management (WEM) for the good of all: vendors, brands, consumers and users."

Serge Huber, Jahia CTO adds "While attending the Apache Conference in Austin in April 2015, I have been extremely impressed by the enthusiasm of the open source community for such a project. I'm looking forward to working with the community as well as major global vendors to make this happen."

The project will soon be proposed to the Apache Foundation as an incubator project. Jahia intends to further present it by attending the European ApacheCon in Budapest in late September 2015. Before that, this initiative will also be presented at JahiaOne, Jahia's International User Conference in Paris on June 10-12th.

About Jahia

Jahia is a leading open source User eXperience Platform (UXP) vendor, relentlessly working at transforming a siloed industry into a user-driven one, beyond technology constraints. Each solution provided by Jahia stems from Jahia's Digital Industrialization vision: to streamline Enterprise digital projects across all channels and truly accelerate corporate-wide deployments, by bridging the IT/Marketing lifecycle gap.

Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, Jahia Solutions Group has its North American headquarters in Washington DC, with offices in Chicago, Toronto and throughout Europe. Jahia counts hundreds of global brands and governmental organizations among its loyal customers, in more than 20 countries across the globe. Early 2015, the company announced its first round of funding from Invus for EUR20 millions. For more information, please visit

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